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Night Fishing
by Gary Watts

Its summer and the thermometer is reaching 100 degrees. You want to go fishing. You don't want to roast like a pig in the oven. Does this sound familiar? If so do what many others are doing and discover the joys of fishing for bass at night.

If you are like most people you may be a bit reserved out heading out to the lake in a high powered bass boat at night, but with the proper planning and equipment you may just hook into the biggest bass of you life.

First and foremost is lifejackets… Gotta have 'em. Next, be sure you tell someone where you will be and when you expect to be back. Also, have a good flashlight, spotlight and be sure your running lights are in working order.

Now for the fun part. If you have invested in black lights ( Bass Pro about $25.00 ) you want to be sure you have spooled up with clear blue florescent line, this way it will glow like a ¼ inch rope under the lights. I normally will start on a main lake point to get a feel for how deep the fish are at that time. I usually start out with a 4 inch worm. Once its good and dark, about 10 p.m. here in California, I will start throwing my big fish baits, 10-12 inch worms, large jigs, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits etc. But don't forget those topwater baits as well. By this time the fish are usually moving up shallow to feed and the bite should be on. If I am not getting bit I will downsize my baits until I have found something they like, starting with a 6 inch worm and going from there ….and yes have even had to throw a 4inch worm on a splitshot rig sometimes!

As for colors, I usually only throw 2 different colors at night, black and junebug. If its a full moon I may use something a little lighter in color. To make it easy to change baits and retie I take a small flashlight and hang it around my neck. Some people use the "snakelight". Find what's best for you.

Some nights you catch fish after fish and some nights its slow, don't get discouraged! You will soon discover the joys of night fishing and find out that more people are doing it than you think. I have caught many fish at night in the summer, give it a try…you will surely like it. Remember to use extreme caution at night on the water, always look out for the other guy. Most of all have fun.

Please feel free to contact me with any specific questions, I would be more that happy to answer all that I can.

Gary Watts

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