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August 4, 2003

Retriever Lures is now offering Custom Spinnerbaits. Visit our “Custom Baits” page and design your own bait. Choices include head size and color, single or tandem, multiple blade styles/sizes/colors, and 7 skirt colors. We will be adding more skirt colors in the near future as well.

Our custom baits include the same feature as our “standard” baits
- Premium Multi-Color Multi-Coated Painted Heads
- Light wire SS frame for outstanding vibration and a true-running bait
- Blade Choices: 24K Gold Plated, Premium Nickel Plated, Premium Painted.
- Mustad Ultra-Point Hooks
- Ball bearing Swivels
- Silicone skirts

Visit us at

Pro-Staffer Tom Wood has been using his custom Single-Paw Spinnerbait to pull some nice bass out of some Upper Chesapeake Bay grass beds. The “Wood Special” consists of a ¼ oz head with a single #4 Willowleaf blade. This bait comes through the grass clean and drives big bass wild. “This bait really intrudes on bass hiding in the grass… comes through the grass clean and I am able to maneuver it through openings and pockets with ease. Bass hit it with a vengeance”.

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