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 Our Tip of the Week Contest is sponsored by

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Contest Starts July 31, 2003. Enter to win. Email us your tips. Each week a new "Tip of the Week" is selected. Entries must be dated by midnight on Wednesday of each week to be included in that week's contest. Only one "Tip" per week per contestant is allowed. The BassFishingUSA Staff's decision is final. By entering this contest, if you are the winner, you agree to having your answer and name published on this site. Good Luck!!!

 Enter our "Tip of the Week" Contest NOW!!!

Bass Fishing USA presents this new benefit for all our website visitors. If you have been bass fishing for any time at all, you have discovered some great ideas that now you can share with your fellow anglers and get a chance to win a lure fro our Sponsor.
Email your tip to us at the below link. If we use your tip we will include your name as recognition for your knowledge and efforts. Tips can be about fishing techniques, rods, reels, lures, maintenance, bass boats or just about anything relating to bass fishing that you think would help a bass fisherman. Why not send us your tip right now! It's easy just click on this link.

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