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Jerk Bait Tips

There are so many ways to fish a spinner bait. These tips should help.

  • Incredibly long casts are possible with jerk flash so you cover more water.
  • The jerk flash gives more side to side, darting action than any other jerk bait. keep your rod tip low and pop your rod with each jerk and always feed slack line to the jerk flash during pauses.
  • Holographic finishes give more flash.
  • Bass always bite as the jerk flash is stopped. do not stop it long. keep it moving with short pauses.
  • Keep the jerk flash erratic. make it jump side to side, up and down.
  • The jerk flash runs 1 to 2 feet deep on 12 pound line.
  • Fish the jerk flash over grass, around brush or on rocky points. Use jerk flash as a search bait to find the bass.
  • The darting action makes bass strike out of reflex.

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